3 Accident Prevention Strategies Every Workplace Should Have

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3 Accident Prevention Strategies Every Workplace Should Have

lean balustradeGovernment statistics show that as of the 2nd of September, Australia has seen 125 workplace-related deaths. This figure doesn’t include the number of injuries among Australian workers. The seemingly small number is indicative of the effects of government and commercial initiatives to make workplaces safer.

Nevertheless, there is room for improvement. You can do your part starting with your own business through these ways:

Design a Safe Environment

There’s a reason building regulations exist: to keep everyone within the premises of a structure safe. Apart from the typical provisions of local building codes, be sure to have some safety measures prepared. Install and regularly inspect the prefabricated stairs you have at your emergency exits, check the structural integrity of railings and scaffolds, and implement workplace policies to keep everyone away from accidents.

Equip Employees with Proper Gear

Never skimp on safety equipment, because these things can decide the outcome of life-and-death scenarios following an accident. Be sure that you have the proper gear and safety measures to keep your people equipped against the dangers of the workplace, particularly those in high-risk industries.

Proper gear also involves dress code and uniforms. You have to take into account the season during certain months of the year. During winter, it’s best to install on-site heating equipment, and to advise employees to dress in layers. In cases of exposure to extreme heat (regardless of the season), make sure that employees have adequate airflow and ventilation.
Informthe Staffabout Safety Standards

Awareness goes a long way in preventing accidents. You may have comprehensive policies addressing employee safety, but these measures would be for naught if your staff isn’t aware of these. Conduct briefings, trainings, and seminars on the things they need to know to stay safe while at work.

With the right strategies, it’s possible to reduce the number of workplace accidents from hundreds to tens – or better yet, zero. Start the progress in your business and keep your employees safe using these approaches.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 4 Factors to Consider when Making Wedding Invitations

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 4 Factors to Consider when Making Wedding Invitations

unique wedding invitationFor some engaged couples, the crazy thought of finally settling down does not begin to sink until they start putting together the invitations for the big day. The task may seem simple at first, but it can become overwhelming and confusing, especially if you do not how to go about it.

Fortunately, you can avoid common invitation mistakes simply by reading up and figuring out how to do things properly. Take a look at the following things you need to consider when it comes to your wedding invitations.

Wedding Details

Finalize the details of your wedding before anything else. Apart from the date and the venue, you need to make sure you specify the exact time of the ceremony. You do not want your guests to arrive late just because they were not made aware of what time the ceremony will start. You also need to include directions on how to get to the venue to make sure guests do not get lost.

Etiquette Guidelines

According to wedding events professionals, you need to follow certain guidelines when creating invitations to follow accepted today’s social etiquette. For instance, Perfectly Invited suggests not including gift registry information in your invitations. If the guests ask you where you are registered, that is when you can provide the information.

Shape, Size, Colors

It is fine to be creative when making invitations, just as long your guests can still read all the details. You can go with the theme of your wedding, or make the invitation a part of your wedding souvenir.

Extra Cards

Lastly, you may want to print extra invitation cards in case you need to resend some. If you are still planning to invite a few more people, these extra cards can be handy. Plus, they are great keepsakes for when you get to celebrate milestones in your married life.

Starting a new chapter in your life deserves to be celebrated. Naturally, you want to invite the special persons in your life to partake in this a once in a lifetime event. Creating beautiful wedding invitations is the perfect start.

How Cloud-Based Communications Help Businesses

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How Cloud-Based Communications Help Businesses

network connectionCloud computing makes it possible for smaller-scale companies to keep pace with larger entities who can afford to spend more. Remember, though, that spending more does not necessarily equate to getting more.

This makes cloud computing a blessing for smaller companies because it gives them the chance to utilise software and services. Companies can make use of cloud computing for many purposes, ranging from data management and backup to customer relationship statistics.

Industry authority  Internet Solutions recently discussed the three most significant benefits of cloud computing in businesses.


Cloud computing is a good way for companies to safely secure backup. If you are a small business with your hands full with operations and expansions in development, chances are you will need quick, easy, and secure access to data vital to business operations. Sadly, on-site system failures are a reality that businesses often deal with. When they make use of cloud computing services, they can retrieve crucial data and thereby save time.


Cloud computing helps to increase productivity because it makes the entire IT infrastructure more efficient. It is only a simple matter of paying for what you need and paying more if you need more. You can, thus channel workforce resources towards other areas of business.


Cloud-Based services can help companies save money on many levels. They lower staffing costs and make businesses agile at the same time.

Cloud-based services offer companies the chance to do all their data management on “the cloud”, rather than depend upon the hardware that oftentimes goes unused. Companies also have the option to either scale up ability to meet increasing demands or to scale down during slower periods of the year.

Business entails having to deal with large quantities of information. Whether it is a matter of client information, business transactions, or employee records, it takes hardware to keep track of it and manage it. This was before the rise of cloud computing. Today, you need not have physically present hardware to do store crucial company data.

Lucrative Wearable Tech Market: Motorola launches Round Smartwatch

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Lucrative Wearable Tech Market: Motorola launches Round Smartwatch

MotorolaCanadaMotorola has begun selling its much-awaited Moto 360 smartwatch, in an attempt to win consumers’ trust and gain bigger market share.

Fashionable Smartwatch

The Google-owned company said it believes the new device offers a stylish, luxury design after what it had been noticed a number of uninviting smartwatches offered by its competitors.

“I think the first watches that shipped have been really bad. The biggest problem consumers said they had with them was that they really didn’t look appealing,” said “The difference in our initial approach has been to focus on that problem and solve it.”

Moto 360 is round ad has an all-metal frame, which makes it look more similar to a regular watch.

New Upgrades

Reshaping the wearable tech, many believe, is enough to capture consumers’ attention.

Apart from design, Motorola said Moto 360 has appeal because of their unique displays.

The mobile device maker also launched new smartphones and a small Bluetooth earbud, which are designed to allow users interact with their handset via voice.

New versions of the Moto G and Moto X have also unveiled, updated with bigger screens.

Love On Top: 5 Most Romantic Wedding Songs of the Decade

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Love On Top: 5 Most Romantic Wedding Songs of the Decade

wedding cake topperBook the venue? Done. Send out the invitations? Done. Order the cake and get an update on the suits and gowns—all done. What about your wedding songs?

The songs in your wedding tell a story. They create the unforgettable atmosphere and enhance the wonderful feelings and emotions of finally becoming one with your other half. It is important to carefully plan and list some of the odes to love that will send your heart fluttering during your big day.

#5: “Borrow My Heart” by Taylor Henderson

X Factor talent Taylor Henderson knows how to pull your heartstrings. He knows how to make people dance while melting them with this “folky” song about unconditional love. The song will mesmerize you, your partner, and any of your guests with its heart-melting lyrics.

#4: “Who You Love” by John Mayer ft. Katy Perry

Folks from Myweddingconcierge.com.au agree that people are suckers for a duet, and this song is not an exception. It is extremely difficult to find that one perfect wedding song that would express how both of you feel from your own perspective. Who You Love does this in an amazing way.

#3: “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo

Technically, your partner has asked that question. But this song will keep you swooning about the thought of marriage and growing old together. It shows off Derulo’s neat vocals and song writing savvy. The words are heartfelt, and the tune drives the key message of the song.

#2: “XO” by Beyonce

Released in 2013, this song might not have been your favourite “I love you” lyrics, but it describes the dreams and longings of every bride beautifully. The song by Beyonce is happy and upbeat, making it perfect for the postlude.

#1: “All of Me” by John Legend

“‘Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me; I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning.”

Without a doubt, this one is the most beautiful wedding song of the decade. This stands out from all the other songs, as it beautifully rolls love and romance into one. This tearjerker song, recommended for the first dance, will surely make the guests reaching for the tissues.

From the prelude to the recessional and everything in between, choose the songs worth remembering. If the music is meaningful to both of you, that’s all that matters.