North Korea Launches 2 “Short-Range” Ballistic Missiles Into Sea

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North Korea Launches 2 “Short-Range” Ballistic Missiles Into Sea

North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles off the Korean Peninsula early Wednesday —a continuation of missile and rocket test launches, according to a South Korean Defense Ministry authority.

The presumed Scud-series missiles flew more than 310 miles and fired from the southwest Hwanghae province, said the official who requested anonymity due to department rules.

Rationale behind the launch

missileThe test launches followed a recent visit by the Chinese president to South Korea.

Traditionally, Chinese leaders visit Pyongyang before Seoul. The visit had been considered as a snub to North Korea, according to a few reports.

The launch also followed South Korea’s rejection of the North’s proposal to reduce bilateral tensions, saying it should first demonstrate a serious attitude towards nuclear disarmament if it truly wants peace. The draft agreement included the cancellation of regular military drills between Seoul and Washington.

Reactions of various nations

Despite the large number of test-firings of missiles, artillery and rockets, North Korea did not declare a no-fly zone. The test launches reaped criticism from South Korea, the United States and the United Nations.

Adding to this, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered his cabinet to scrutinize the apparent launch. The Japanese government was planning to lodge an official protest against the North Korean government.

In Sickness and in Wealth: Why Talk About Money Before You Marry

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In Sickness and in Wealth: Why Talk About Money Before You Marry

house and land packagesYou’ve discussed your honeymoon plans, about having kids, and where to shop the right furniture for your home. Before you walk down that aisle, though, you probably need to have the money talk. It may be the hardest talk you will have, but it can be one of the most important.

Money could make or break a marriage, as it’s the leading source of disagreement for couples. Whether married for decades or just hitched, tensions about finance can even lead to divorce. To prevent that from happening, you need to have a serious discussion before you say “I do.”

Not sure where to begin? This guide will help get you that much closer to happily ever after.

Discuss how to handle money

Who will handle the bills or groceries? Will you combine your bank accounts? Research shows more and more couples today are keeping individual accounts in addition to joint ones. You need to decide which approach works best for both of you.

Create a five-year plan

You’ve probably talked about having a baby and building your dream home, but have you discussed these in terms of finances? Having an idea of how much you are going to spend and what you are going to spend will keep you both on the same page. It’s important to plan for the future. In Sydney and Melbourne, house and land packages continue to increase, so you need to prepare now. Without a certain goal, you don’t have a good idea where you are going.

Choose the right insurance

Houses can burn down and vehicles can crash, so it’s important to be financially protected. Insurance is an important element of any sound financial plan. This will protect you and your loved ones in different ways against the cost of illness, disability, accidents, and death.

Marriage is for better or worse. Discuss everything, from income and emergency funds, to attitude towards money and ways to approach financial goals. Before entering marriage, financial honesty is important.

Social Media Lives On: Why Social Media Marketing Is Still Effective

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Social Media Lives On: Why Social Media Marketing Is Still Effective

social mediaMost companies disagree that social media marketing has come to an end. By just relying on a 2012 self-reported data, many global newspapers have created the exaggerated report on the death of social media marketing.

Businesses, despite the noise over the death of social media marketing, continually flock to social media sites as they are the viable arena for modern marketing. They believe that through social sites, they can reach their target markets more easily and effectively, delivering well-planned marketing stunts.

As companies continue to expand their social media assets, make sure to keep in mind these points:

Text-based content is not enough.

As 2013 ended leaning towards image and video sharing, text-based content is seen today as an insufficient marketing tool. Multi-media content has gained the support of a number of online patrons, as visual content is increasingly becoming a critical piece of any content strategy. and other Canberra online marketing firms point out that you need to be mindful of the “sharability” of your photos, videos, and blogs to generate positive business results.

Powerful branding matters.

As they say, great brands don’t just happen. Developing a powerful brand is a combination of creativity and strategy, gaining solid ground on every consumer’s list. As you want to build or rebuild your brand, remember that social media is not only an arena for marketing, but also fertile soil for brand management. A single click can simply change the direction of your business—whether skyrocketing or plummeting. Make sure that you carry your brand well around social networks, projecting a unique and professional identity.

Consistency is the fuel of social media marketing.

Just like your fitness regimen, your social media marketing techniques need consistency for better results. Also, do not expect an instant boost in sales or increasing online traffic in a span of two or three days. Effectively manage your business, and savor the golden moment when it arrives.

At the hour of projected death, social media refused to bow down and surrender. It continues to gain the confidence of many marketers, whether they use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. With this overwhelming support, social media is still an effective marketing platform that can contribute to business growth and development.

Can HD Look Like 4K?

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Can HD Look Like 4K?

4K movieThe first ever 4K movie may have come out way back in 2012, but it’s only now that the successor HD is making waves in the mainstream. Many have joined the bandwagon towards better screen resolution, thanks to the existence of 4K that features 4 times as many pixels as the current standard HD.

For many videographers, though, transitioning to 4K can still be troublesome, not to mention costly. This sparks the curiosity of many: can HD look like 4K? There is no way to make it look exactly like 4K, but there are some tricks you can use to make it look that way.

Shoot well with HD

A lot of things are part of the tip “shoot well.” For one, you should have a really good camera, but you must know how to operate it properly. This means you have to know what to adjust to get the correct exposure, especially when you’re using an 8-bit codec.

Additionally, consider the low light performance of a camera. Despite HD’s good quality, noise is still noticeable, particularly when the setting is dark. Thus, make sure you know how to work your way around your lighting.

Post-produce in 4K

MotionElements suggests using the post-production process to introduce 4K elements in your project. Your clip may be HD by default, but any visual effects you add on stock video footages and animations would result in a 4K-like appearance.

This may seem like a sneaky move to put your HD project in the 4K spectrum, but any post-production effect you add changes the pixels of the main clip, thus creating new 4K pixels that generate the illusion of the 4K experience.

Sharpen clips

You have probably used the “sharpen” effect on Adobe PhotoShop. Now, it’s time to apply this lesson in Adobe Premiere, Apple Motion, or whatever video editing software you have. From a more technical perspective, sharpness is all about frequency response. When you know how to increase frequencies, you have more information and sharper images.

There is probably no way for HD to match the true colours and features of 4K, but there are ways around it. With these simple techniques, your next project can be similar to the new technology, only that you did it for perhaps less than half the cost of a 4K camera.

Housing Market Recovery: Sales Of New US Homes Hit 6-Year High

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Housing Market Recovery: Sales Of New US Homes Hit 6-Year High

Cotton-Ropkey_House_for_saleU.S. home sales have jumped more than expected in May, suggesting that the housing market is now recovering from a recent slump.

Improving market

Sales surged to a six-year high and industry experts are expecting bigger increase.

According to the Commerce Department, home sales increased by 18.6% to an annual rate of 504,000 units. May’s increase was the largest since 2008.

Despite the consecutive months of gains, the S&P/Case-Shiller index found house prices rises slowed in April.

The home price index, which covers 20 major cities, jumped by 0.2 in April and by 10.8% on a yearly basis.

Growth forecast

“Although home prices rose in April, the annual gains weakened. Overall, prices are rising month-to-month but at a slower rate,” said David M. Blitzer, chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Still, the increase will be welcomed by investors and economists, which is closely watching the housing sector.