Half the Battle: Knowing Where Danger Lies

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Half the Battle: Knowing Where Danger Lies

hiring reliable injury lawyerEmployers need to keep their staff safe whenever they are working, but the boss cannot hover over everyone the entire time. Employees need to be aware of their surroundings for their own safety. People should know what they are most vulnerable to, if they want a chance at making it through the day unscathed.

The first thing workers need to realise is that the threat is real, and danger could be everywhere. It may seem like the government and lawyers are going overboard with the some of the safety measures they are proposing. But, representatives at Serapovic Injury Lawyers point out that there is a reason behind these conscientious efforts.

Fatal Numbers

In 2011-2012, 228 workers died from work related injuries, equating to 1.99 deaths per 100,000 workers. This represents the extreme consequence of injuries at work. The incidence of serious injuries resulting in more than four weeks absence from work is much greater.

Statistics show that the government is getting better at disseminating information, with the incidence of fatalities significantly lower than their estimated targets. But, there is still a lot of work to do with giving people the information they need to keep the workplace safe.

For example, conventional wisdom says the people most at risk of injury at work are labourers, or people who sweat for a living. This is a good start, but not very useful. Thanks to statistical tracking, however, safety agencies can compile and compare information to find the industries that are the most susceptible to injuries.

Dangerous Jobs

According to the numbers, the industry with the most incidents of serious injury claims is agriculture and fishing. It is not that shocking to find farmers and angler at risk in the course of their duties. What did catch most observers by surprise are the industries that were below it, and by how much.

Construction and Mining, both considered as some of the most unsafe lines of work in the world average an annual three claims per 1000 employees less than the top spot. There are many ways to interpret this information. The two most divergent are 1) the mining and construction industries are doing outstanding jobs keeping their people safe, or 2) being a farmer or angler is more dangerous than anyone thought.

Gathering data is part of a greater scheme to keep people informed about what is going on in their industries, and what they can do to avoid being a victim of work related injury.

Ways to Improve on Work Efficiency

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Ways to Improve on Work Efficiency

Efficiency means making the most of what you have, but it is not merely about doing more tasks in less time. You need to focus and produce quality work.

officeThere is always a room for improvement. Being efficient will not just impress the industry, it will make you feel accomplished and satisfied. You can improve on productivity by:

Maintaining an orderly workspace

A dirty work area can hinder your productivity. You will waste a significant amount of time to find specific documents and other materials. Organize your items.

Keeping supplies and tools

You need supplies and tools to do your job. If you are working in an office, you probably need pen, paper and organizer, but an outside office setting like in manufacturing industries requires different tools. Industry veteran lyndexnikken.com says tail stock for rotary table and other tools have greatly improved workplace efficiency through the years.

Set a deadline

Set realistic deadlines for your tasks. It is better to allot more time for a project. You do not want to set yourself up to fail.

Eliminate distractions

Several workers spend time on recreational online sites. Ask your administrators to block unnecessary websites. Only use the company phone during work hours to make sure that the calls you receive are job related. If you have a talkative co-worker, confront them. It may be rude, but it is a reasonable and effective method to make people leave you when you are working. You can socialize during breaks.

Take breaks

You cannot measure productivity by the number of hours you sit at a desk. Take breaks to rest and eat so you can have enough energy. You may even use these instances to handle personal business.

Reward yourself if you have increased your work efficiency successfully. It is not easy to remove bad habits so celebrate because you deserve it.

When to Buy New Mattresses and Pillows

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When to Buy New Mattresses and Pillows

Your mattress and pillows are there to provide a better foundation for your body as you sleep. Both should support the proper alignment of your spine and enable your neck and body to fully relax.

mattress bedSome mattresses and pillows, though, aren’t very comfortable and don’t work too well. This is why it is best to evaluate your sleep and comfort levels on a regular basis – to determine if your mattress and pillows need replacing.

Here are a few things to take note of:

Replacing Mattresses

Assess your comfort and sleep quality – if you feel tired after a full night’s sleep or wake up with numbness, body aches, and pains, you may need to replace your mattress.

While there is no strict rule on when to replace your mattress, eight years is the average for most homeowners. BetterSleep.org and ActionWood.com suggest looking for sagging spots on the edges or in the middle of the mattress. If it shows visible signs of overuse such as ripping, staining, holes, or damage, it is clear that you should get a new one.

Replacing Pillows

Your pillows should support your neck and keep you in a comfortable position without craning while sleeping. If you experience neck pain for more than a week, you need a new pillow.

According to experts, pillows should be replaced within two years. It is important to remember that when you get a new mattress, it is recommended to get new pillows just as well. This is because the gap between head and shoulders will change with the new mattress.

Caring for Pillows and Mattress

Keep your mattress and pillows clean if they are still in good condition. Make sure to wash your mattress cover and dust or vacuum the mattress itself. Don’t forget to wash your pillows or run them through the dryer on a high temperature to get rid of dust mites.
Over the years, mattresses and pillows lose their shape and support. If your mattress and pillow is past their prime, it may contain dead skin cells, mold, and dust. Consider replacing them with new ones for a night’s sleep.

Hire the Right Person: Three Important Interview Questions to Avoid Bad Hires

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Hire the Right Person: Three Important Interview Questions to Avoid Bad Hires

The key to avoiding wrong hires is using interview questions that evaluate the applicant’s competencies. The right interview questions will help you find candidates with the right skills and are best suited for your company.

recruitmentHere are the interview questions you need to ask:

1. What do you find interesting about the job?

This interview question can help you determine if the applicant understands the job they are applying for and actually care about getting into the company. If the candidate gives a detailed answer, you may be on the right track. If the applicant, however, gives a general answer that doesn’t match what the job is all about, the candidate might just be desperate for a job without necessarily being committed to it.

2. If you got hired, how much or what kind of offer from another company would you leave us for?

This will help you find out if the applicant is driven by money instead of working for a company they love. Great candidates will say that they wouldn’t leave a job if they truly love it. Some of the more questionable applicants, meanwhile, will say that they would consider companies that will offer double or triple what they will earn with you. To avoid bad hires, I-recruit suggests hiring someone whose career trajectory is headed in the right direction – scrutinise previous jobs and find out where the candidate would like to go professionally.

3. Has there ever been a time when your shift was over but you weren’t finished with the tasks? How did you cope with the situation?

The question can reveal if the applicant is a dedicated employee. Good prospects will say that they didn’t leave until the work was finished or consulted their supervisor about it while bad hires will likely evade the question or hesitate to answer. Choose someone who maintains focus.

Don’t just rely on the resume to find the best employees. If the job applicants can state experiences or facts to back up what’s on their resume, they should be able to participate in the interviews. If they can’t participate fully, they may not be the right person and you should consider looking at other prospective candidates.

Protect Your Investment From Day One: 3 Clever Tools to Improve Your Home Security

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Protect Your Investment From Day One: 3 Clever Tools to Improve Your Home Security

There’s no safe place without prevention and security measures.

As a new resident on the block, your nice neighbours would welcome and familiarise you with the ins and outs of the city. You should, however, keep your home protected from day one. You don’t want your lifetime investment to become a free treat for burglars, would you?

Installing high security films

A transparent windowpane can easily tempt robbers to force entry in any establishment, especially in residential areas. To secure your home without changing its aesthetics, install high security films into your windowpanes.

security cameraAccording to Cleargard Australia, the glass usually breaks when hit, but the film absorbs the impact, preventing a forced entry. When the glass breaks, this can warn the neighbourhood and draw attention to your house, where they can hear the noise of shattering glass. Thieves would normally move on to avoid detection.

Setting up new generation security cameras

Thieves nowadays probably know that almost every household has security cameras, forcing them to employ new tactics. What they may not know, however, is that most homeowners can get live feeds on their tablets and phones. You can ask a trusted neighbour to check your home for any suspicious activity nearby.

Some motion-activated cameras also allow homeowners to quickly respond to potential threats. When someone tries to break-in, this device can save you from the tedious task of watching the security footage for hours, trying to identify or find the suspect.
Reinforcing your doors with guard plates

Of course, an ordinary door with simple screw-on locks would give robbers easy access to your home. With a few kicks and strong blows, they can easily break through your door. Set up a door guard plate to strengthen your doors, from the main entrance to your back doors.

Preventing theft or crime is more than putting up the latest security devices. As home security requires proper attention, make sure to combine door reinforcement tools with high security films. All of these preventative tactics are important in keeping your property secured. With more security layers at home, there is an increased difficulty rate for intrusion.