Protect Your Investment From Day One: 3 Clever Tools to Improve Your Home Security

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Protect Your Investment From Day One: 3 Clever Tools to Improve Your Home Security

There’s no safe place without prevention and security measures.

As a new resident on the block, your nice neighbours would welcome and familiarise you with the ins and outs of the city. You should, however, keep your home protected from day one. You don’t want your lifetime investment to become a free treat for burglars, would you?

Installing high security films

A transparent windowpane can easily tempt robbers to force entry in any establishment, especially in residential areas. To secure your home without changing its aesthetics, install high security films into your windowpanes.

security cameraAccording to Cleargard Australia, the glass usually breaks when hit, but the film absorbs the impact, preventing a forced entry. When the glass breaks, this can warn the neighbourhood and draw attention to your house, where they can hear the noise of shattering glass. Thieves would normally move on to avoid detection.

Setting up new generation security cameras

Thieves nowadays probably know that almost every household has security cameras, forcing them to employ new tactics. What they may not know, however, is that most homeowners can get live feeds on their tablets and phones. You can ask a trusted neighbour to check your home for any suspicious activity nearby.

Some motion-activated cameras also allow homeowners to quickly respond to potential threats. When someone tries to break-in, this device can save you from the tedious task of watching the security footage for hours, trying to identify or find the suspect.
Reinforcing your doors with guard plates

Of course, an ordinary door with simple screw-on locks would give robbers easy access to your home. With a few kicks and strong blows, they can easily break through your door. Set up a door guard plate to strengthen your doors, from the main entrance to your back doors.

Preventing theft or crime is more than putting up the latest security devices. As home security requires proper attention, make sure to combine door reinforcement tools with high security films. All of these preventative tactics are important in keeping your property secured. With more security layers at home, there is an increased difficulty rate for intrusion.

Breaking the Shackles of Debt: Is Bankruptcy Ever a Good Option?

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Breaking the Shackles of Debt: Is Bankruptcy Ever a Good Option?

You know the feeling. The crushing weight of something that you can’t even see, but is present throughout your life. Every day is a struggle to pay off mounting bills, and you have no idea if it will ever end.


Photo taken by: Armando Macdonald

Debt is never easy, and sometimes it feels like you have lost control of your life. In these situations, it might be worth it to consider filing for bankruptcy. This is not an easy way out, however; bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for years, and it’s a long and difficult process with many requirements.

Bankruptcy is not a decision you should make lightly, and it might be difficult to qualify in the first place. But if the mountain of debt seems to be growing daily and you want a way out, then it’s time to consult a bankruptcy lawyer like and discuss your options. Generally, the first thing you will talk about is whether to go with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Also commonly referred to as “Total Bankruptcy”, this results in most of your unsecured debt vanishing within three months. You will lose almost all of your assets, including your home and other properties, with the proceeds going to your creditors. When your income simply isn’t enough to keep up with your debt, this might be your best option.

Note that this will stay on your credit report for a decade after filing, making it nearly impossible to get a decent loan for that duration.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Rather than seizing and selling your assets, the courts will help you create a debt repayment plan, typically lasting 3 to 5 years. The biggest advantage of going with Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you get to keep your assets, which helps preserve your quality of life.

You won’t have to give up your home or your car. This is an ideal solution for those who still have a steady income and just need help to get back on track. Another plus is that it only stays on your credit report for 7 years.

Regardless of the choice you make, you should know that it’s easy to slide back into debt if you don’t change your financial habits. Bankruptcy will simply give you a second chance, and the rest is up to you.

Deep Cleaning: A Kitchen Necessity

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Deep Cleaning: A Kitchen Necessity

The kitchen can easily turn into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With so many concoctions frying, steaming, and brewing in the kitchen, it can easily end up looking worse for wear. This is especially true when it comes to kitchens in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and other such businesses in the food service industry.

clean kitchenRegular deep kitchen cleaning is a must in order to meet industry standards. It helps your establishment avoid accountability for the nasty business of unsanitary practices.

Apart from utensils and different cooking equipment, kitchen floors, walls, ceilings, and tiled areas need to be clean to meet hygienic safety standards.

Cleanair UK lists the following common kitchen cleanliness issues that need to be addressed:

Stains – Stubborn stains can become permanent fixtures when left unchecked. Spills from kitchen concoctions can stain everything from gas burners to stovetops and kitchen tops. Stains are unsightly blemishes in kitchens that need swift removal. Bear in mind that it only takes a little time for messy stains to become permanent.

Odours – Kitchen odours can be persistent. As such, getting rid of them can be quite tricky and involves more than just routine spraying of aerosols. It is essential to have a reliable exhaust system so as to avoid the development of any lingering smells.

Garbage – A good amount of rubbish can heap up in the kitchen every day. It is important to always stay on top of routine cleanliness steps. Kitchens need to have dependable, efficient garbage disposal systems to keep away germs and all manner of bacteria.

Kitchen cleanliness is of the utmost importance. They should always be spic and span — from top to bottom. More than maintaining a squeaky-clean appearance, though, you have to be certain that the kitchen is free from germs and harmful bacteria. Remember that it is the place where you prepare food for your patrons. Food is a delicate matter that needs utmost care. Follow these pointers to keep the kitchen as clean as possible.

A Window of Opportunity: How Windows Improve Your Home Staging

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A Window of Opportunity: How Windows Improve Your Home Staging

A lot of home staging beginners today focus too much on a just few interior design details, such as what color scheme to use or which accent furniture to keep. After all, a smart selection of what to show your potential buyers can increase the likelihood of making the sale.

All of these details, however, can fall short without proper illumination. If you want to highlight the best features of the home you are selling, you cannot go wrong with natural light. This all starts with a window design that complements the overall design theme.

Whether you are just starting to learn the ropes of home staging or you want to up your home renovation skills, it pays to have good knowledge of how to use windows to your advantage. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started:

Bedroom with large windowsSeamless Addition

If you are planning to add a part or renovate a section of the house, do not leave any traces behind. It is easy for a visitor to spot additional fixes or certain features. So, at the early onset, decide which theme you will be using, so you can slot additional features in without trouble.

The professionals at recommend getting a window type that fits seamlessly into the layout of the home. Vinyl windows, for instance, do not only improve the visual appeal of your home significantly, but they also add to its functional value because they help keep energy costs down.

Old Out, New In

Beautiful window designs can get lost behind old, ugly blinds. If the blinds or curtains are beyond repair, simply buy another set. You can even reuse the old blinds if you do not want to discard them.

Against the Elements

Apart from the visual appeal of the windows, make sure they can stand against nature’s elements, too. For good measure, check the caulking elements and replace them if you have to. When you see any leak or damp spots in the area surrounding the windows, have an expert check and fix them immediately.

Windows may not seem to add that much to the appeal of a home. But in reality, they play an important role in making the interior design much more cohesive. Before you even list your property, make sure the windows are all in great condition to make the most of your home staging.

Pre-Building: What to Check before Buying Land

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Pre-Building: What to Check before Buying Land

Buying land is just the first step to building your home sweet home. As home construction is an organised and systematic process, you have to be sure that you’re choosing the right one. A domino effect could take place if you aren’t careful, so check the following before anything else:

Lot and house in constructionZoning Issues

Buying house and land packages from builders and contractors isn’t as easy as you think. Before paying and signing the contract, you should check the residential, commercial, and industrial map of the area.

You wouldn’t want to build your dream home to find out that there will be future establishments beside it, such as shopping districts and fast food restaurants. This will defeat the purpose of finding a peaceful place to live, as these will definitely get high traffic.

Ideal Location

The ideal location depends on who will live in the house. If you have children, a nearby park, day care, and grade school are ideal. If you have teenagers or young adults, then a nearby high school and university is good choice. Other establishments you should look for are public transport terminals, office buildings, shopping malls, and hospitals.


Check if your location is easily accessible during severe weather. It’ll be a headache if you get stranded somewhere because you can’t pass through the streets or find any transportation or alternative route. An accessible home also makes it easier to evacuate in case of emergency or simply avoid the crowd when there’s traffic.

Soil Condition

Checking the quality of the soil is difficult for an average person, so you should hire a civil engineer for detailed results. They’ll perform soil analysis or any test they find suitable. This way, you’re sure that your dream home won’t sink into unstable land. They’ll also determine if the land is draining properly, so the water and sewage won’t flow into your home or backyard.

The land where you’ll build your dream home will serve as its foundation. Find the right place, so your investment will definitely be worth it.